Hello Science is a blog created by Danny Schnitzler, a PhD Student in Neuroendocrinology and perpetual project starter.

On Hello Science you will find not only real-world information on what it's like to work in a lab as a research scientist and PhD student through the Life In a Labcoat videos and the PhD Life blog, but also some surreal explorations of "what if" questions, in Fictional Science .


"What if" questions that address science behind fictional concepts (How do vampires get enough nutrients to surivive from blood? How does contraception work in the wizarding world of Harry Potter?) and futuristic scenarios (What would happen if we all moved to a liquid diet? Would replacing our hearts at birth with mechnical pumps prevent cardiovascular disease?). 


This site is where creativity, science and overall geekiness come together, so go ahead and follow on your preferred platform.


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